Community Visits

With over 40 years of combined experience, Joel and Julie see your community with a fresh set of eyes and perspective. We’ll ask what complaints you have from tenants. How can you improve that relationship? What’s a fair expectation for you and them? When was the last time you inspected homes? We help answer these questions with a straight forward, no nonsense approach.

Rules Review

All manufactured housing communities should have a fully realized document that spells out the agreement between management and the resident.
Rules and expectations must be set for both the tenant and property owner. Ask yourself these questions:
Do your rules make your annual inspection by the health department easier?
Are your rules up to date and in compliance with state and federal laws?
Are your rules a reflection of what happens on your property, or what you hope happens?

We help get you back on track and make your rules work for you!

Mystery Shoppers

Ever wonder what goes on when you’re not there? Is your staff friendly and helpful? Are they handling all calls and tenants in a consistent manner? How well are they prepared? Do they know the housing laws to help avoid costly lawsuits?
Our Mystery shoppers make anonymous phone calls and site visits to let you know where you need to improve. We provide a full report of our findings with action steps to get you back on track.

Home Appraisals

Joel has been appraising homes for Harper Sales for over 20 years and has successfully completed the Lincoln Appraisal Course for Manufactured Housing.
MHC provides a full written report of our fair market assessment for any home or property, wholesale and retail.

Process Review

Our team of experts has worked in every aspect of community housing and can provide training to improve your processes.

  • Home Inspection
  • Lot Inspection
  • Compliance with government forms
  • Sales
  • Red Flag Rules
  • Privacy Laws
  • And more..